stories . . .

Diversity-rich, character-driven, picture books – and I’m now working on a lower MG graphic novel.  

I’ve lived in various locales, urban, suburban, semi-rural and rural settings.

I sense the different voices, tones, smells, sounds, pace and emotion of each.  
It has also brought me to highly
value nature.

Overall, I lean to wild lives & imaginative worlds where anything envisioned can become the future, where boundaries come down, hurts are healed, creativity is valued, hearts expand.

Here are just a few illustration sample scenes from some of my stories.


Wolf’s Lala – a lonely little wolf and a baby become sisters.

LEFT-BEHIND TIGER – Mina’s lifelong friend Sumi moves to Japan.

LEFT-BEHIND TIGER – Mina tries to reunite Tiger & Sumi.


Poppy’s baby sister Moon-Nip originated as a PB, went through various revisions & versions of story,
She’s changing a bit – see the lineup – to work better in a GN.

Text and layout within will be altered.
These scenes are now part of the WIP – WOODSY WILLOW.
I’ll repost images as I update them.

©bonnie lambourn / fireUrchin ~ 2022

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