2022 storystorming

I started off Storystorm as I did last year – excited – then deflated – feeling a bit uninspired by new ideas. I should have remembered from 2021. That feeling got a huge reboot back to excitement after a few days.

Quickly a day arrived where ideas bounced against the next day’s ideas, and against a totally separate book launch event by/for Peter H. Reynolds. I almost didn’t draw the heart along with the authors and artists onscreen. But then came this heart-faced character I really liked.

Suddenly on day 10, I had a first draft along with pages of seeds, word play, doodle and other story ideas – and then a first draft for a PB 2 days before my critique group meeting – who claim it a draft nearly there and worth dummying.

That CG Meeting inspired more bouncing ideas between us, and by me following the very next Storystorm inspiration. I found myself writing most of the afternoon and night. A 2nd PB draft with various days ideas and that character was developed.

Can’t wait to see what is next! 2022 feels like a very good year so far.

Published by bonnie fireUrchin ~ pb illustration & writing

bonnie - birth name with a boring story behind it. fireUrchin - acquired by life - it being a bioluminescent sea urchin with a sharp outer protection, poison for those who step on it, yet offering a glowing light from within . . . while living close to the ocean floor . . . and offering protection and rides to fellow sea creatures like lobsters, crabs, small fish, octopus. Deep sometimes dark explorations may transform into light making.

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