Shifts from Story Storm – and being from a displaced tribe

I’m not trying to share everything I have found inspiring this year engaging daily with Story Storm 2022, but this one feels a bit vulnerable – so it feels worth sharing. Funny, I found myself writing a draft inspired by a Storystorm post this week – that was so simple. It was about finding aContinue reading “Shifts from Story Storm – and being from a displaced tribe”

2022 storystorming

I started off Storystorm as I did last year – excited – then deflated – feeling a bit uninspired by new ideas. I should have remembered from 2021. That feeling got a huge reboot back to excitement after a few days. Quickly a day arrived where ideas bounced against the next day’s ideas, and againstContinue reading “2022 storystorming”

THE DOG ~ [contest piece for #50PRECIOUSWORDS 2021]

Author and friend Kathy Halsey turned me on to author Vivian Kirkfield’s #50 Precious Words Contest – a story for kids in 50 or less words. I thought I’d have a go.  This is basically a true “tail” of my dogged determination to get a furry friend, pitted against my mom’s dogged determination to notContinue reading “THE DOG ~ [contest piece for #50PRECIOUSWORDS 2021]”

What is it about picture books that keeps me paddling through the currents?

Right now, the currents are getting this new website set up. My old one was no longer editable, so had to face that struggle of facing this… and while it is a simple setup for many, I’m a “pantser”. Picture book people know that means I jump in and face the waves rather than readContinue reading “What is it about picture books that keeps me paddling through the currents?”