THE DOG ( contest piece for #50PRECIOUSWORDS 2021)

Author and friend Kathy Halsey turned me on to author Vivian Kirkfield’s #50 Precious Words Contest – a story for kids in 50 or less words. I thought I’d have a go.
This is basically a true “tail” of my dogged determination to get a furry friend, pitted against my mom’s dogged determination to not allow – or love it.


by Bonnie ‘fireUrchin’ Lambourn

I begged, “Pleeeeze!  Let me.  I NEED a dog.”
Four years.

The relatives prodded . . .

Reluctantly Mom caved,
but her eyebrows twisted like cheese curls
at the black mop with legs and wagging tongue –  
who then skulked to the corner.
40 minutes sulking.

Earned . . .
a bowl of food. 

[WC= 50 words]

Published by bonnie fireUrchin ~ pb illustration & writing

bonnie - birth name with a boring story behind it. fireUrchin - acquired by life - it being a bioluminescent sea urchin with a sharp outer protection, poison for those who step on it, yet offering a glowing light from within . . . while living close to the ocean floor . . . and offering protection and rides to fellow sea creatures like lobsters, crabs, small fish, octopus. Deep sometimes dark explorations may transform into light making.

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