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Mossy and Tweed: Crazy for Coconuts by Mirka Hokkanen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I adore this book! It is hysterically funny. I don’t normally love slapstick, but Mirka Hokkanen has captured the style of cartoon slapstick that all kids know isn’t real – and clarified it well early on when Tweed is flattened like a pancake by the coconut. I am trying hard not to reveal the funny punny like places, but the author doesn’t miss a beat in her timing and inclusion of funny ideas into the art and story. My favorites are those mischievous pixies, and the old emotional ‘Unicorn’.

At the end I missed the funny home improvements until going back for a reread. I think, like me, however, kids will want to read this time and again. Plus a second Mossy and Tweed are on the way soon!

It’s a book beginning readers can handle alone, or you can enjoy laughing along with kids as you read it aloud.

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